An Insider’s Guide to 2023’s Fun, Educational, and Eco-Friendly Toddler Gifts

The Best 36 Toddler Gifts of 2023: JuneJuly's Top Picks

If you're like us, the rhythm of toddler birthdays has you dashing to the stores almost every weekend. And, as much as we adore the flurry of fun and frosting, we understand that hidden under the party hats is the lingering question - what's the ideal gift for toddlers?

Well, take a deep breath because we've just made your life a lot easier! We’ve put together a list of the top 36 toddler gifts for 2023, and here's the best part - they're not just another assortment of toys. Our selection threads the needle between fun and education, with a dash of sustainability for good measure.

At JuneJuly, we're all about this blend! We specialize in toddler clothing (including rompers, shorts, and tshirt/shorts sets) made from repurposed materials, so you can style your little ones and help our planet at the same time. 

Tried, Tested, Toddler-approved

Each item on our list is tried and tested - we either own, have gifted, or have received them ourselves. So, you can be sure they are not just fleeting distractions but delightful companions that endure through the phases of toddlerhood.

Let's dive in.

The Best 36 Toddler Gifts of 2023: Our Picks

1. JuneJuly Romper

We couldn't resist, and it's no surprise. The JuneJuly Romper is the top #1 pick. It's consistently the perfect gift for a toddler girl or boy, made from repurposed materials, and it's stylish and incredibly soft to the touch. Your toddler will be ready for any adventure in comfort.

Why we love it: At JuneJuly, we love our repurposed rompers because they're not just stylish but also a great step towards sustainable fashion. Each romper is an ode to our dedication towards creating environmentally-friendly children's clothing.

2. Little People

Little People Toys & Playsets

A classic toy, Little People sets encourage pretend play and spark imagination. These miniature figures are an ideal gift for toddler girls and boys, promoting storytelling and creative thinking.

Why we love it: We love Little People toys because they encourage imaginative play and are perfect for little hands. Plus, they're a classic that never goes out of style.

3. Bubble Machine

No toddler can resist the magic of a bubble machine. Whether used for indoor or outdoor fun, this gift idea guarantees laughter, excitement, and plenty of delightful bubble-popping!

Why we love it: Bubbles bring out the joy and wonder in a child's eyes. A Bubble Machine is a delightful way to add some magic to playtime, and that's why we love it.

4. Standing Table

Standing Table

A standing table is a great addition to any toddler's playroom. It offers space for various activities like arts and crafts, while also promoting fine motor skills and coordination.

Why we love it: We're fans of the Standing Table because it provides an interactive platform for toddlers to learn and explore. It's an excellent tool for fostering early development.

5. Sorting Color Animal Toys

Color Sorting Animals

Sorting animals not only introduce toddlers to different creatures but also help develop color and shape recognition. This engaging, fun gift doubles as an educational tool, making it one of the best gifts for toddler girls and boys alike.

Why we love it: We adore Sorting Animals because they are a fun way to introduce toddlers to different animals and help enhance their cognitive abilities.

6. Water Table Splash Pad

Step2 Shower Tower Splash Pond Water Table

A water table or splash pad offers a fantastic way to keep cool and have fun on a sunny day. Toddlers love splashing and exploring, and this gift idea is perfect for the summer season.

Why we love it: We love the Water Table/Splash Pad because it brings the beach to your backyard. It's a wonderful way to keep the little ones entertained while cooling off.

7. JuneJuly Shorties

Comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly – the JuneJuly Shorties make an excellent gift for toddler girls and boys. Crafted from repurposed materials, they offer a sustainable option for trendy toddler fashion.

Why we love it: Our JuneJuly Shorties are comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable - a trio we absolutely love. Each piece, created from repurposed materials, reflects our commitment to the environment.

8. Cozy Coupe

The Cozy Coupe is a classic toddler gift. This iconic toy car has brought joy to generations and encourages imaginative play and gross motor skill development.

Why we love it: The Cozy Coupe is a childhood classic we can't help but love. It gives children a sense of independence and is a great source of outdoor fun. Eco-tip: Check your local online Marketplace to find a pre-loved Cozy Coupe for a fraction of the price!

9. Doll Stroller

For the little caregivers, a doll stroller makes a heartwarming gift. It encourages role-playing, empathy, and responsibility as they care for their doll during playtime.

Why we love it: We appreciate the Doll Stroller because it fosters caring and nurturing behaviors in toddlers. It's more than a toy; it's a tool for empathy.

10. Bath Letters

Bath Letters make learning fun and splash-friendly. These stick-on letters are a brilliant way to introduce literacy skills during bathtime, making it an educational and entertaining toddler gift.

Why we love it: Bath Letters are a perfect way to make bath time fun and educational, and that's why we love them. They introduce early literacy skills in the most playful way.

11. JuneJuly Shorties + Boxy Tee Set

JuneJuly's Shorties and Boxy Tee set are a stylish, sustainable choice for everyday play. Made from repurposed materials, this set is gentle on the environment and your toddler’s skin.

Why we love it: We love our JuneJuly Shorties + Boxy Tee Set because they are versatile, trendy, and sustainable. They embody our mission of turning thrifted materials into adorable children's outfits.

12. Yoto Mini

Yoto Mini Player 

The Yoto Mini is an engaging, screen-free option for storytime. This audiobook player allows toddlers to listen to their favorite tales anytime, enhancing their love for stories and expanding their imagination.

Why we love it: The Yoto Mini is a game-changer! This tiny, ad-free audio player offers hours of stories, songs, and educational content, making it an ultimate companion for little adventurers. It's safe, portable, and promotes independence. A big win in our books! Truly, it's not just a gift, it's an imaginative journey waiting to be unboxed. 

13. Nugget Couch

Versatile and fun, the Nugget Couch is a playful furniture piece perfect for fort building, lounging, and imaginative play. It's not just a great gift for a toddler boy or girl, but it's also a stylish addition to any playroom.

Why we love it: We adore the Nugget Couch because it provides an endless amount of play configurations. It's a product that encourages imaginative play and provides a cozy spot for relaxation.

14. Gardening Tools

Nurture a love for nature with a set of toddler-friendly gardening tools. It's a wonderful way to introduce them to the world of plants and outdoors, boosting their appreciation for the environment.

Why we love it: We love Gardening Tools as they instill an appreciation for nature and understanding of growth in toddlers. They're a perfect gift for our future gardeners.

15. Sandra Boynton Board Books

Sandra Boynton Board Books

Bring the joy of reading to your little one's fingertips with Sandra Boynton's board books! These beautifully illustrated books offer engaging stories and rhymes that will have your toddler giggling with delight. The sturdy board pages are designed to endure the love of tiny hands and their playful curiosity. It's never too early to instill the love of reading in a child, and these books make a fantastic introduction to the world of words!

Why we love itWho says learning can't be fun? At JuneJuly, we absolutely adore Sandra Boynton's board books! They are a fantastic blend of whimsy, charm, and educational content that captivates children's hearts while tickling their brains. It's not just about reading—it's about making learning a joyful and exciting journey. Plus, these sturdy board books are made to last, an echo of our commitment to sustainability and mindful consumption. A gift that educates, entertains, and endures—what's not to love?

16. Temporary Tattoos

Fun and harmless, temporary tattoos allow toddlers to express their creativity and individuality. Choose from various designs to fit the interests of your toddler girl or boy.

Why we love it: We're fans of Temporary Tattoos because they allow toddlers to express their personality in a fun and safe way. It's a small gift with a big impact.

17. Piccalio Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

Piccalio Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

The Piccalio Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower is a kid's dream come true! It offers independence and a whole new perspective on the world. With this tower, little ones can safely reach kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, and other elevated places. What's more, this magical tower effortlessly transforms into a sturdy table and stool for eating, playing, or enjoying other activities. Montessori-inspired and made from sustainably sourced materials, it encourages self-confidence, independence, and skill development while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Why we love it: Not only does it empower kids to explore and learn, but its convertible design provides endless fun and practicality. This tower is a great tool for helping toddlers engage with the world around them, stirring their curiosity and independence. And the best part? It's made from sustainably sourced wood, aligning perfectly with our mission to promote environmentally-friendly choices. Now, that's a gift with real value!

18. Ingrain Kids Wooden Blocks

Ingrain Kids Wooden Blocks

These Ingrain Kids Wooden Blocks are a classic, high-quality toy that spark creativity and developmental growth. This set of 16 blocks, crafted from solid maple and walnut are perfect for imaginative play and learning, from building towers to sorting shapes and colors.

Why we love it: We're all for toys that combine fun and learning, and the Ingrain Kids Wooden Blocks do just that. With their natural look and feel, plus top-notch safety credentials, they're a hit with kids and parents alike. Simply put, these blocks aren't just toys, they're stepping stones to a world of creativity and discovery.

19. Basketball Goal

Introduce the joys of sports early with a toddler-friendly basketball goal. This fun gift is a wonderful way to improve their motor skills while having a blast.

Why we love it: We love the Basketball Goal because it's a fun and active way to introduce toddlers to sports. It's all about enjoying the game and fostering a healthy lifestyle.

20. Toiletry Bag

A personalized toiletry bag is not just practical but also encourages toddlers to take responsibility for their belongings. It's a cute, useful gift that grows with them.

Why we love it: We appreciate the Toiletry Bag because it's practical and encourages toddlers to learn personal hygiene habits. It's a gift that grows with them.

21. Pop Tubes

Pop tubes are a sensory toy that toddlers love. They’re engaging, colorful, and help develop fine motor skills and creativity, making them perfect stocking stuffers.

Why we love it: We love Pop Tubes because they're an inexpensive, sensory-driven toy that provides hours of creative play. They are excellent for developing fine motor skills and auditory feedback.

22. Stepping Stones

Anti-Skid Toddler Stepping Stones

Indoor and outdoor stepping stones are a fun way to enhance balance and coordination. They can transform any space into a fun obstacle course.

Why we love it: Stepping Stones are a great tool for building coordination and balance, which is why we love them. They make a fun and educational addition to any play area.

23. Magnatiles


Magnatiles combine creativity, geometry, and fun. They are fantastic gifts for both toddler boys and girls, promoting imaginative play and cognitive development.

Why we love it: We're fans of Magnatiles because they offer limitless possibilities for creative play while enhancing spatial and tactile skills. They're a magnetic way to spark a love for building and design.

24. Jellycat Stuffed Animals


Soft, cuddly, and undeniably adorable, JellyCat Stuffed Animals make the perfect comfort companions for toddlers. Each animal is a great gift, encouraging warmth and friendship.

Why we love it: We adore Jelly Cat Stuffed Animals because they are incredibly soft and cuddly. They make a comforting companion for your little one.

25. Sun Hat

A stylish sun hat is not just a fashion statement but also essential for sun protection. It's a practical, thoughtful gift for any toddler.

Why we love it: We love the Sun Hat because it combines function and fashion. It's an essential accessory for protection against the sun's rays, making outdoor play safer.

26. Toddler Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a practical and fashionable gift. Not only do they protect your toddler's eyes from the sun, but they also make them feel like the coolest kid in town.

Why we love it: We appreciate toddler sunglasses as they not only look adorable but also provide essential protection from harmful UV rays. It's about promoting eye health while staying stylish.

27. Textured Multi Ball Set

A ball set is a classic toddler gift that encourages active play. It's a simple, affordable gift that can provide countless hours of fun.

Why we love it: We love the Ball Set because it encourages active play and helps develop various physical skills. It's a basic toy with endless fun possibilities.

28. Letter/Number Puzzles

Letter and number puzzles are a fun, interactive way to introduce early literacy and numeracy skills. They make excellent educational gifts for toddler girls and boys alike.

Why we love it: Letter/Number Puzzles are a hit at JuneJuly because they make learning fun. They're a fantastic way to introduce early literacy and numeracy skills.

29. Wooden Rainbow Stacker

A wooden rainbow stacker is not just a pretty nursery décor. It's an interactive toy that promotes hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and creativity.

Why we love it: We're fond of the Wooden Rainbow Stacker because it's a versatile toy that promotes open-ended play and stimulates imagination. It's a beautiful addition to any playroom.

30. Cleaning Set

Believe it or not, toddlers love mimicking adults, and a toy cleaning set allows them to do just that. It's a fun and engaging way to introduce responsibility and role-playing.

Why we love it: We appreciate the Cleaning Set because it introduces toddlers to the concept of cleaning and responsibility. It's a fun way to instill important life skills.

31. Ball Pit Balls

A ball pit provides endless hours of joy and sensory fun. It's an exciting gift that also aids in developing motor skills and color recognition.

Why we love it: A ball pit is a sensory delight, and that's why we love it. It's a vibrant and playful way to promote motor skill development, and it is just plain fun. We used a small inflatable swimming pool as the base for ours!

32. Slide

A toddler-friendly slide is a fantastic gift for indoor or outdoor fun. It encourages physical activity, promotes balance and coordination, and is a gift that keeps on giving.

Why we love it: We love slides because they provide endless fun while helping with physical development. It's a classic playtime favorite for a reason.

33. Little Piano - Toy Keyboard

Introduce the world of music to your toddler with a mini piano or keyboard. It's a melodious gift that fosters creativity, rhythm, and fine motor skills.

Why we love it: We adore the Little Piano/Keyboard as it introduces toddlers to the joy of making music. It's an instrument for creativity and auditory development.

34. Dump Truck Toys

Toy trucks never go out of style and make excellent gifts for toddler boys and girls. They ignite imaginative play and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why we love it: Trucks are a classic playtime favorite at JuneJuly. We love them because they encourage imaginative play and can be used for indoor and outdoor fun.

35. Sunscreen Applicator

Sun protection is crucial for toddlers. A sunscreen applicator makes applying sunscreen easier and fun, encouraging good skincare habits from a young age.

Why we love it: We love the Sunscreen Applicator because it makes applying sun protection fun and easy, instilling good skincare habits from a young age.

36. Owala Kids' Tumbler

Last but not least, every toddler needs a perfect leak-proof water bottle. These Owala Kids' Tumblers are just that. Not only do they keep your kiddos drink cold longer, they really are spill free!

Why we love it: This water bottle has been a hit in our house and our toddler decorated hers with stickers. It easily fits inside her small backpack to transporting, as well as in her carseat cupholders. The perfect bottle in our book! 

Final Word

With fun, learning, and sustainability at the core, these gifts are tried, tested, and toddler-approved. Just like our eco-conscious, repurposed clothing line at JuneJuly, they strike the perfect balance of style, sustainability, and pure toddler joy. As we wrap up, remember, it's not just about the right gift—it's about a gift that fits right into their world, lasting through the seasons of toddlerhood. So go ahead, make those moments count!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good gift for a toddler?

A great toddler gift stimulates their mind, encourages creativity, promotes physical activity, or introduces them to new concepts. It should also be age-appropriate and safe for them to use.

How can I choose the best gift for my toddler?

Consider your toddler's interests and developmental stage. Think about what they enjoy playing with or doing, and find something that aligns with those interests. Also, consider their current skills and abilities, and choose something that will challenge but not frustrate them.

Are there any eco-friendly toddler gifts?

Yes, many of our recommended gifts are eco-friendly, such as the rompersshorts, and tshirt/shorts sets from our own JuneJuly brand. They’re made from upcycled fabrics and materials-- promoting a more sustainable future.

Can educational toys also be fun?

Absolutely! Many educational toys are designed to be fun and engaging. For example, letter/number puzzles can introduce your toddler to early literacy and numeracy skills while they have fun solving the puzzle.

What are some good outdoor gifts for toddlers?

Consider items like the Water Table/Splash Pad, Gardening Tools, Cozy Coupe, or a Slide. These gifts encourage outdoor play and physical activity.

Can toddler gifts be personalized?

Many items can be personalized to make them even more special for your toddler. Check the manufacturer's options or consider a handmade item for personalization.

What are some unique toddler gift ideas?

Some unique ideas include the JuneJuly clothing items, the Yoto Mini, Nugget Couch, or Pop Tubes. These gifts are not only entertaining but also stand out due to their unique design or function.

How do I choose a toddler gift that will last?

Look for items made from durable, high-quality materials. It's also beneficial to choose items that can grow with your child, such as a standing table or a kitchen helper stand.

Katelyn Martin