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2024 Free Habit Tracker Printable Download - JuneJuly

Introduction: Why a Habit Tracker is Essential for Your New Year's Resolutions

Hi Friends!

Introduction: Why a Habit Tracker is Essential for Your New Year's Resolutions

Hi Friends!

A new year is upon us and so is the season for creating resolutions and new habits. I have tried many ways of holding myself accountable for different resolutions throughout the year, and some have been more successful than others. This year my plan is to make a personal resolution, a resolution with my husband, and a family resolution.

Personal Resolutions: Tips for Success

For myself: Exercise or stretch daily (on the days I don't get a workout in, I plan to get into the habit of stretching for 5-10 minutes before bed)

Couple's Goals: Making Time for Each Other

As a couple: One planned date night each month - we did this last year and it was such a wonderful way to try new restaurants and to find time to connect without our toddler each month!

Family Resolutions: Fun Activities Throughout the Year

As a family: One family outing each month that doesn't include the usual errands, library, and park visits. We are thinking trips to the zoo, botanical gardens, Flea Markets, and some of the fun indoor and outdoor play facilities near us!

Business Goals: Expanding JuneJuly's Reach in 2024

For JuneJuly: Post more regularly on socials and build up a larger following! Check out some of our available toddler clothing (including rompersshorts, and tshirt/shorts sets) and follow @shopjunejuly on Instagram!

How to Use the Habit Tracker Effectively

I am the type of person that needs some sort of visual accountability to be successful at a goal or resolution. So I spent some time making a goal tracking sheet where I can fill in each day that I complete my goal. I want to share this fun download with you with the hopes that it helps you stick to your goals and new habits this year!

Get Your 2024 Habit Tracker: Free, Easy-to-Print PDFs

Download Now - 2024 Habit Tracker (Monday Start)

Download Now - 2024 Habit Tracker (Sunday Start)

Simple 2024 daily habit tracker with monday start 2024 Habit Tracker - color design 2024 Habit Tracker - squiggly line design 2024 Habit Tracker - black and white curly line design

Choose between a Monday (my personal favorite) or Sunday start and color in the circle for each day as you complete your goal! Give yourself grace and remember that giving yourself a free day here and there is a GOOD thing! We all need a little break sometimes. I've included 4 different designs for each set - choose the vibe that motivates you most.

Stay Motivated and Achieve Your 2024 Goals

Use this for your exercise goals, your new year habits, to keep track of your mood (think different colors for different feelings), or honestly any other way you want! We can't wait to see you crush your 2024 resolutions--tag us if you share on social media @shopjunejuly

Happy Resolution and Habit Tracking!! 

xo, Katelyn

Katelyn Martin