My Journey: From Sewing Prom Dresses to Upcycled Clothing Creator

Ever been drawn to the charm of a thrift store? The allure of stories hidden within pre-loved clothes? I certainly was, and still am!

Hi, I'm Katelyn Martin, and I turned this passion into a thoughtfully curated children's clothing line.

Following the Dream: Introducing JuneJuly

Dreams often start as a tiny spark. For me, it was the intersection of my love for sewing, sustainable fashion, and the joy of motherhood. This is how JuneJuly was born - a one-of-a-kind children's clothing brand using responsibly sourced materials.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a love affair with the world of fashion. I spent my childhood entranced by episodes of Project Runway, creating mood boards from magazine cutouts, and envisioning the endless possibilities that fashion held. I designed and sewed my own prom dresses in high school, and there was even a time when I considered pursuing fashion design as a career. Little did I know, this early passion would be the thread that stitched my future.

JuneJuly - Katelyn Martin sewing children's clothing by hand

As time passed, my interests matured and evolved. I started to appreciate the value of sustainable fashion and how it intersected with my love for sewing. And then, the arrival of my beautiful toddler, Mavis, brought children's clothing into the mix.

That's when a seed of an idea began to sprout - what if I could combine these passions and create a brand that emphasized sustainability, repurposing unwanted items into fashionable, fun pieces? This idea was the start of JuneJuly.

The Heartbeat of JuneJuly: Repurposed Clothing and More

JuneJuly isn't just another name in the vast sea of baby clothing. It's an environmentally-conscious venture with hopes of turning unwanted, landfill-bound fabrics into trendy baby rompers, and more. Each piece is handmade, ensuring your little ones get a unique, stylish ensemble.

Making a Difference: Sustainable Children's Fashion

Sustainable fashion is the future, and we at JuneJuly are doing our bit to contribute. By repurposing pre-loved fabrics and sourcing organic fabrics from family owned shops, we're not only making cute kids' outfits but also helping our planet.

At JuneJuly, our mission extends beyond creating adorable outfits for children. We are committed to reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable future. By focusing on thoughtfully sourced materials being made into stylish attire, we are turning potential waste into cherished wardrobe favorites. In doing so, we hope to inspire others to join us in the fight against fast fashion and for a healthier planet.

JuneJuly: A Reflection of My Passion

Every part of JuneJuly, from finding thrifted fabrics to seeing a child wear our clothes, reflects my passion for sustainable fashion.

Support our Brand

Located in Franklin, Tennessee, JuneJuly is all about creating thoughtful, sustainable, and fashionable pieces for your little ones. Shop at JuneJuly, whether for your kid or as a gift (check out our Best 36 Toddler Gifts of 2023 list!), and support a brand that values our kids and the environment.

Keep an eye out for our new range of stylish, eco-friendly clothes for baby boys and girls - great for any occasion or just for daily wear. Because at JuneJuly, we believe that fashion can be a force for good.


A Note to Our Customers

In Franklin, Tennessee, we're redefining children's fashion, one outfit at a time. When you choose JuneJuly, you're not just picking out a cute outfit for your child - you're supporting a brand that values our children's futures and the health of our planet. I invite you to join us on this journey towards sustainable fashion and look forward to welcoming you to the JuneJuly family.

Katelyn Martin